Monday, November 28, 2011

It's not Dawn yet, but it's getting there

I find that novels may sometimes romanticize depression: handsome men and beautiful women battling with dramatical turn of events, most often resulting in somebody dramatically flinging a hand to their head in despair. 

I would like to state that it is less intriguing when occurring outside a fictional realm. In reality bouts of depression involve turning into a hopelessly negative introvert with a pinch of puffy eyes to go along with it. 

I have been such a hopelessly negative mess for the last few weeks and have only found my moods lifting lately. It may come as a surprise - and I feel I shouldn't get into too great detail, after all, it isn't very interesting - but I have been battling with depression for a few years now. It tends to come and go and while in my low moods I find it difficult to concentrate and spend time on such things as this blog. I am drained of all my energy. 

The worst of it seems to have passed for now and I am looking forward to feeling a bit more like myself. 


  1. Depression is an evil of the world.

  2. try EFT, it works wonders for depression !