Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mirrored Pieces and a Girl in an Urban Environment

One of the main reasons for my absence is my external hard drive corrupting most of the pictures I have taken the last few months. Karl has been kind enough to try and restore them but has not had any luck yet. He's been at it for a few weeks and I have been waiting (like a nervous wreck) to see if he will be able to perform some miracle with any of the restoration programs he has been using. I know I might never get them back but I am holding on to a small piece of hope that I will...

It's only pictures...but I'm grieving them as lost friends. A lot of wonderful images have been lost, and it means among other things that I'm unfortunately not able to bring you on the promised tour of the huge house I was living in before, as I had promised. Sorry!

I have a number of pictures that I never wound up using, uploaded to the image gallery for my blog. (If only I would have done this with all of my pictures.) These ones, for instance, are from when I went to celebrate Anni turning another year wiser.

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