Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Who said it was all that Fun to be a Backpacker anyways?

In my previous post I mentioned that I have been homeless for the past month.

While I haven't been left to helplessly fend for myself on the streets, I have not had a place which I could call my home and for the past month I have been staying in spare rooms and living out of suitcases.

I had been living in a place for a few months but felt uncomfortable and as if I was not wanted in the house, so I decided it was time to pack up my things and leave.

At the moment you will find all of my belongings scattered in the homes of three other people and I'm quite certain it will prove to be quite a challenge to locate a clean pair of underwear in the morning. I'm not even pretending to put effort into what I put on, as I have no idea where anything is anyways. This means that I have reverted to wearing pants *gasp*. I tend to only wear dresses and skirts, so for me to be seen in pants is a strange experience, which I also am constantly being told at work.

Thursday will see me being able to move into my new place and I couldn't be more excited!

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  1. Good luck in your home. Although trousers is the name. Going to work in just pants brings giggles to English people!