Saturday, December 31, 2011

Coffee in a Hotel on a Wednesday

On Wednesday I went into town with John and met up with his mother. I was a bit nervous at first, as I hadn't met her before. We went to the Wynn's Hotel and had coffee and something to eat.

I thought that the place was very nice and even though it had a sophisticated feel to it as well as there being classical piano music playing in the background, it did not feel too fancy for an afternoon coffee in casual clothes. 

John <3.

John got a card from his mother as his birthday was coming up and both he and his mother wrote birthday cards for John's niece. John also got this card for his sister as her birthday is coming up in early January. I guess half his family has a winter birthday!

I don't really drink coffee but now and then I will have a cuppa. I appreciate good coffee, but would prefer a mocha or a cappuccino. 

John's mother Nuala and me.

Musical Notation, Glitter and Coloured Paper makes for a Great Surprise

Here are a few glimpses of the Christmas present I'm making for John. I have dropped hints to him about his present for a few months and driving him crazy with it as he has been left hanging for such a long time over what it could be. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to finish it yet, as not only has it turned out to be a lot more time consuming than what I expected due to the amount of details on it, but John has also been staying with me for the last two weeks, and I have found it difficult to find time to spend on finishing it. 

I don't know if you can see what I'm making for him. I will post pictures of it as soon as it's finished!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Staying in touch

I was up very late yesterday even though there wasn't much on TV during the early hours. Sometimes I find it difficult to go to bed and it has been a bit of a tradition for me to stay up late during Christmas. I was woken up this afternoon by my phone ringing. I groggily answered and it was my mother, calling to have a chat and to wish me Merry Christmas. There was a lot of exchange of gossip and my mother also wanted to check that I'm fine. I have to admit that I'm a bit (ok... very) bad in replying to emails, so at times I am sure she feels a bit left out of my life. I should probably make this a thing to improve for next year!

The picture is of my mother's cat. She took it in when it was only a few weeks old, as it's mother had abandoned it. She cared for it and fed it, and now has a bubbly little cat running around the house. It apparently loves water and has even been in the ocean.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shadows and Lights in the Dark of the Night

Here are a few pictures I will leave you with as I am retiring to bed.

Nobody has Ever made me Expressive Art out of Mashed Potatoes before

John is unfortunately working today and tomorrow. I'll have him all to myself after then though and he is not in at work until next year, which neither am I. He had to leave tonight and I won't see him again until he's knocking at my door in the early morning. I hate having to see him go, and he is not happy doing it either. He quite adorably made this sad face after his dinner tonight, and told me that this is how how feels when he has to leave me. You may not see it, but the mashed potato work of art he made also has tears coming out of the eyes of the sad square of mashed potatoes.

A Special Time of the Year...

I woke up this morning quite excited about it being Christmas. I had to drag John out of bed though as he was not enthusiastic over getting up nor the fact that it was Christmas Eve. We had a quick breakfast after getting up.

I put on some Christmas music and as you can see it was old songs by the likes of Dean Martin, who I absolutely love! Oldies like this make me very nostalgic as they make me think of all the Christmases growing up.

It felt very sweet and cozy for me and John to be having our first Christmas together. We prepared Christmas dinner together, with John putting his special expertise down on the preparing of the ham and the mashed potatoes, while I put my special touch on the gravy and the dessert. 

I hope your Christmas Eve has been as nice as mine! Merry Christmas!!

Baroque Frilled Shirt, Dotted Stockings and Glittery Ballerinas

I've looked a lot like an Anime character today! I've had this H&M frilly shirt for a while but I haven't worn it until now as I didn't have anything to pair it with, as I'm not big on pants. I was thrilled it went great with a black skater skirt I recently got and my polka dot tights and green cardigan completed the outfit. 

A bit later in the day I went to the store with John and I put on my Topshop sailor coat. I felt like a big doll: how lovely!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lights and Tinsel in the Dark with a Curious Santa

I took down my bag of Christmas decorations and some decorations were put up. Earlier today I bought a Christmas tree in town and John set it up in the living room, but it hasn't been decorated yet as my flatmate Raul's girlfriend Mel wanted to help me. The tinsel in the window as well as the lights all around it did plenty as far as coziness and John got in a festive mood by putting on a Santa hat when having a smoke outside.

What about Now? ... Now? No?

John has been very eager in trying to get me to break the rules.

He has excitedly urged me to open my Christmas presents early as he wants to see my reaction when opening it and to find out whether I like it. He has also asked me whether I want my Christmas card from him.

He has managed to get me to open one small present early but after this I have been strict and told him firmly that I will most certainly not break any rules of Christmas and do any further acts of early celebrating.

Now that it's after midnight and the both of us are still up, he has again eagerly enquired whether I wanted to open my presents/receive and read my Christmas card, but I had to again inform him that it's not permitted as it's against the rules.

I know that it's officially the 24th, but you can only get presents and cards after waking up after a good night's sleep!

My card from him is waiting for me on the mantle piece in my room. It may be silly, but as he is my boyfriend I don't want to get my card from him until Christmas Eve. Cards from others can be received at anytime.

 The little adorable card keeping John's card company was sent to me by ICO Anni.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Never too Late, or too Random to Post Pictures of Fluffy/Cute Animals

I think it's time I went to bed, it's now 04.03 AM. I will leave you with the adorableness that is a big eyed kitten looking very bewildered. (Random, I know. But really cute, right?)

Stay-ups, unlike their Stupid Name, Never Stay Up

I got these stay-ups a few days ago. It's a bit random to share this with you at nearly four in the morning, I know... They are however very cute, and they are the very first pair of stay-ups I have tried on/owned that actually... stay up!

He is not a Bad Guy, even though he Wakes me up Early in the Morning

It's currently after three in the morning, but as the night owl I am, Im still up. I should be going to bed as John will be over in the morning. He works nightshifts and during the weekend he is able to come up to me after work. He calls me very early when he's outside my house and I groggily stumble downstairs to let him in. I rush back into my warm bed that's waiting for me and in turn wait for him to follow. It means that we get to spend the morning cuddled up against each other, and the remainder of the day together. During the week when I'm in work, he goes over to his sister's place and sleeps on her couch, as he lives about an hour away from Dublin and it would be too much of a commute to travel daily.

The pictures were taken in John's apartment.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Simply Cannot Wait...

I have been keeping a sheet of a printed out calendar of 2011 by my desk the last two months. I have patiently and certainly very dreamily been crossing off each day on the sheet of paper with a purple marker. I have been counting down to the last two weeks of December, as this is when I will be far, far away from work! 

I have the last two weeks of December booked off as holidays, as I wound up having a lot of days left by the end of the year that I had not yet used. I'm not going anywhere special, I will continue to keep Dublin with my presence, but I could not be more excited. 

I am working tomorrow, have Friday booked off, and Monday will be my last day to work this year.

An excellent opportunity to spend a lot of time with John, my boyfriend, as he lives about an hour away from me and also unfortunately works nights, meaning I am not spoiled with seeing him as much as I would like. 

Isn't he adorable? 

I saw him for a few hours today but I still miss him, as I know I will not be able to see him until Friday morning again. 

Does Christmas turn Most People into Children?

There's a little over a week left until Christmas and I'm starting to feel myself getting increasingly excited with each passing day. I have a very warm relationship with Christmas, as it has been a very special time of the year for me, ever since I have been little. Seeing as I will be in Ireland it will most likely be a grey and rainy Christmas, but I will have my Christmas tree that will be glaring with bright lights as well as glittery and shiny baubles. This should bring plenty of enchantment for my holiday. I just can't help but to turn into a big child when it comes to anything Christmas-y, especially the decorations...

I haven't put up any decorations in my room yet. I probably won't put up a Christmas tree until the 23rd, as in my family it has been a tradition to put up the Christmas tree the day before Christmas and I will most likely carry this tradition with me. 

*Sigh* Is it just me or is Christmas truly wonderful?