Saturday, December 31, 2011

Coffee in a Hotel on a Wednesday

On Wednesday I went into town with John and met up with his mother. I was a bit nervous at first, as I hadn't met her before. We went to the Wynn's Hotel and had coffee and something to eat.

I thought that the place was very nice and even though it had a sophisticated feel to it as well as there being classical piano music playing in the background, it did not feel too fancy for an afternoon coffee in casual clothes. 

John <3.

John got a card from his mother as his birthday was coming up and both he and his mother wrote birthday cards for John's niece. John also got this card for his sister as her birthday is coming up in early January. I guess half his family has a winter birthday!

I don't really drink coffee but now and then I will have a cuppa. I appreciate good coffee, but would prefer a mocha or a cappuccino. 

John's mother Nuala and me.

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