Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Does Christmas turn Most People into Children?

There's a little over a week left until Christmas and I'm starting to feel myself getting increasingly excited with each passing day. I have a very warm relationship with Christmas, as it has been a very special time of the year for me, ever since I have been little. Seeing as I will be in Ireland it will most likely be a grey and rainy Christmas, but I will have my Christmas tree that will be glaring with bright lights as well as glittery and shiny baubles. This should bring plenty of enchantment for my holiday. I just can't help but to turn into a big child when it comes to anything Christmas-y, especially the decorations...

I haven't put up any decorations in my room yet. I probably won't put up a Christmas tree until the 23rd, as in my family it has been a tradition to put up the Christmas tree the day before Christmas and I will most likely carry this tradition with me. 

*Sigh* Is it just me or is Christmas truly wonderful? 

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