Tuesday, December 20, 2011

He is not a Bad Guy, even though he Wakes me up Early in the Morning

It's currently after three in the morning, but as the night owl I am, Im still up. I should be going to bed as John will be over in the morning. He works nightshifts and during the weekend he is able to come up to me after work. He calls me very early when he's outside my house and I groggily stumble downstairs to let him in. I rush back into my warm bed that's waiting for me and in turn wait for him to follow. It means that we get to spend the morning cuddled up against each other, and the remainder of the day together. During the week when I'm in work, he goes over to his sister's place and sleeps on her couch, as he lives about an hour away from Dublin and it would be too much of a commute to travel daily.

The pictures were taken in John's apartment.

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