Friday, December 23, 2011

What about Now? ... Now? No?

John has been very eager in trying to get me to break the rules.

He has excitedly urged me to open my Christmas presents early as he wants to see my reaction when opening it and to find out whether I like it. He has also asked me whether I want my Christmas card from him.

He has managed to get me to open one small present early but after this I have been strict and told him firmly that I will most certainly not break any rules of Christmas and do any further acts of early celebrating.

Now that it's after midnight and the both of us are still up, he has again eagerly enquired whether I wanted to open my presents/receive and read my Christmas card, but I had to again inform him that it's not permitted as it's against the rules.

I know that it's officially the 24th, but you can only get presents and cards after waking up after a good night's sleep!

My card from him is waiting for me on the mantle piece in my room. It may be silly, but as he is my boyfriend I don't want to get my card from him until Christmas Eve. Cards from others can be received at anytime.

 The little adorable card keeping John's card company was sent to me by ICO Anni.

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