Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It has Three Legs and I need to Invest in One

I need to get a tripod. I don't like to ask people for help in taking outfit pictures as I don't like posing to begin with, and with somebody at the other end of the camera it seems a tad more awkward. I wish I was a natural at posing and knew exactly how to stand and which angles to use in order to bring out the best of my body and the outfit I'm wearing but I feel very stale in front of the camera. Lately I've been wearing a lot of cute outfits but there has been no way for me to document said cuteness. While I only had a few outfit posts last year, I aim to do better this year. I love fashion and I love playing around with the clothes in my wardrobe.

Object: Find tripod which extends to 6 feet and also purchase remote for my camera.

P.S. If you're bored you should return to this picture and enlarge it. Make a list of as many objects as possible that can be located on my bedside tables.

1 comment:

  1. Nice, very nice. Don't like posing? You should pose much more. We need more of your cuteness.