Monday, January 23, 2012

Long Distance Relationship = Miss Your Boyfriend Lots

It's very rare I see John during the week. Seeing him only on the weekends means there is a big exchange of yearning text messages all throughout the week, as we're both counting down until we can see each other again. It's a bit funny to think I'm in a long distance relationship, but we are an hour apart and can't easily see each other whenever we so wish to. It can at times be very frustrating that I'm so restricted in when I can and can't see him, but whenever I find myself thinking along those lines, I remind myself of couples in long distance relationships where there might be oceans or countries between them.

Tonight I'm excited because John is coming over. He is taking the last bus and should be here soon. Not only does it feel like a treat to be able to see him (otherwise I would have had to anxiously await Friday) but I will also be able to fall asleep with his arm around me and wake up with him next to me as I groggily stumble out of bed in the ungodly early hours of the morning. He has a work related course he has to attend tomorrow and I'm thrilled I'll be spoiled with his presence tonight as well s tomorrow.



  1. An hour away isn't a long distance relationship. You should think of all those not lucky enough to be in one.

    Those that have lived most of their lives alone, live alone and will probably die alone.

  2. While the distance is not as big as one would think of when it comes to a long distance relationship, to me it is, as I can only see him on the weekends, and not freely, whenever I want to, as the norm is in most relationships. I do aknowledge that there are others less fortunate, as in the instance of people where they have to try and make the relationship work with thousands of miles between them.

    It is never too late to find people to include in your life and even if you don't immediately find the person you feel you're supposed to grow old with, you can surround yourself with family and friends.

  3. But that distance, makes your time together all the more special!! Each time you meet will be like the first time all over again.