Monday, January 9, 2012

Old things Fascinate me, even Buildings and Architecture

It's already the 9th of December. Where did the Christmas go and the beginning of the new year? I've been up to lots of things but I'm still behind with posting, as always. I'm too keen on taking pictures and end up with a large number of pictures that I have to edit before I'm able to blog. I'll try to get busy, I like sharing! It's always the same excuses from me, I guess I should try and make more of an effort to change this year.

The other week when I met John's mother, we went on a spontaneous trip to the National Irish Museum in Dublin. The façade is very impressing and I was fascinated by how large the estate was. It is built in the form of a square with a large yard in the middle. I tried to estimate how many rooms the place had, and tried to imagine what it would be like to live in a place that has 200 rooms.

There were dark corridors running all along the long walls of the building. With the way that the ceiling was cut and with the lamps placed where they were, there were interesting shadows cast all along the ceiling.

We arrived rather late, and the museum was almost closing. We did however get a good bit of time to walk around but we left a lot of the museum unexplored. As the museum was closing, we were gently yet sternly directed to the exit by the staff. The place looked even lovelier in the dark! I love the contrast of the mysterious architecture, dark blue sky and the lights above the windows. 

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