Monday, February 20, 2012


I tried to follow a recipe for coconut flour pancakes this weekend but the batter didn't quite turn out as it should have. John said it wasn't thick enough and added more flour to it, but what we were left with was a thick puré-like consistency. I didn't want to simply bin the remainder of the batter/puré, so today I thought I would try my new silicone cake mould and see whether the mess of a batter would make a nice cake.

The mold features medium sized gingerbread men, Christmas trees and Christmas stockings. I got the mould at a sale the other week. I love Christmas and I couldn't resist a tool which would enable me to eat festive baked treats the year around.

I think we ruined the batter beyond any point of rescue: it didn't make a nice cake. They're undoubtedly irresistibly cute though!

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