Sunday, February 12, 2012

Apparently only Old People like Decorative Pillows

I have a definition of being old that is not supposed to be taken very seriously but that I still think is true to some extent. You're old (or starting to get there) when you find yourself saving up and purchasing certain items that younger people would never dream of saving up for. As a trusted example I always use a couch. When you're saving up and gladly spending 1000+ euros on a couch, you're no longer a teenager nor a young adult. When was the last time you saw a 15 year old saving the money they get from their summer job, only to splurge out on a couch and squealing enthusiastically on Facebook about their new purchase? 

With that in mind, I'm finding myself becoming very excited at the idea of decorating a place and making it my home with my own touch on it. Never before have I felt such an itching in my fingers for buying things I never before would have thought I would have wanted to buy. I was not even a big fan of buying candles before, nor receiving them as a present (it's a candle...ehm, thanks...) but now I genuinly get excited if I get a candles. As long as it smells nice, that is. 

It's inevitable I guess. I should prepare myself for wanting to save up and buy the perfect couch as well, I guess.

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  1. Your not old, till peoples attitude changes toward you. It's the suddenness that takes you aback. I was lucky enough to look very young for my age, when i was 27 poeple thought i was 19. Then in the course of just one month in 2009 people stop saying things like 'mate','pal' and so on, to 'sir' and this gentleman'. Using monies for settees and household insurance means your maturing not getting old. But, 1000 euros on a settee? Blimey, what's it made of?