Sunday, February 5, 2012

Come Back Soon!

Pilvi has decided that she will make all of her friends sad by going to New Zealand for five months. The trip will be in relation to her studies and we are all cheering her on but we are still going to miss her. She's leaving next week and had told me that she wanted to get together with "the gurlz" before she left, so she invited me out for coffee yesterday. It was a bit painful to get out of bed at noon (which is early on a Saturday) but that's what you do for friends.

Sini and Pilvi - funnily enough - under a parasol inside the café. 

Anni was also with us, but she didn't want to partake in the paparazzi activities we were carrying out at the table. 

The café we went to is called Foam. I've never been there before but immediately fell in love with it. It has two floors with tables, comfy chairs and couches. It's got a very distinct and quaint charm to it as I'm sure you can see form the pictures. 

There were fringed lamp shades in different colours and size, a piano and a picture of Iggy Pop.

Vintage looking wall clocks and a counter with flowers, cups, water and straws. The counter had a print of leafy green vegetation!

The ceiling was crowded with banners in different colours. Palm trees!

I loved the golden horses on the window sill in the corner, as well as the plastic mushrooms and the glowing eggs in the egg carton.

When we first arrived we had gone over to the corner to sit down as there were two couches and only one girl sitting in one of them, but the girl told us that she was waiting for somebody, after which she gave us a meaningful stare. We went over to another table instead.

A bit later we saw that a guy arrived and sat down opposite Menacing Stare Girl. We concluded that they were probably on a date and it hadn't been so rude, after all, to ask us to leave. We kept a running commentary up on how we thought their date was progressing, and thought it would have been funny if we would have been sitting next to them, as we could have embarrassed them by loudly starting to discuss sex. 

At some stage a group of five or so Spanish people went over and scrunched in beside them. We agreed that we would have made nicer company, sex talk and all as we had been one person less.  

I realiced with amusement that Menacing Stare Girl's date looked just like John from behind, and that John actually has a similar blue plaid shirt.

There was a Christmas tree by the stairs, that had Marilyn Monroe lights. Of course!

I loved these colourful garden gnomes. They actually look delicious. Note the cute cards which have been used to wallpaper the stairway. I noticed with delight the one which said The Snowman. 

A hula girl table lamp, glittery deers and striped rainbow zeebras...

It's got everything you'd want to find in a café!