Monday, February 20, 2012

Evil Plans and Red Balloons

It seems that most, if not all holidays have lost their original purpose. These days Christmas is all about gifts, Easter is all about chocolate eggs and Valentine's day is all about commercial hysteria for anything remotely pink, red, chocolate-y or romantical. I like the idea of Valentine's day, but I think that any good relationship should have more occurrences of romance than an annual only peek-a-boo. This does not mean that I am cynical and that I don’t like receiving gifts on Christmas, chocolate eggs during Easter, nor that I wouldn’t appreciate being romanced on Valentine’s day. I think the thought behind the day should, however, not be forgotten. I think Valentine’s day is for showing your boyfriend or girlfriend that you care for them. I also think that Valentine’s day plans which include gestures/plans/gifts should have a bit of thought behind them, and do not have to be expensive to hit the perfect romantical soft spot of a girl’s or boy’s heart.

My Valentine’s day with John felt very unplanned and abrupt, almost as it fell over us. I knew it was on the 14th of February and I knew that it would be on a Tuesday and that I would be off from work and spending the day with him. I thought he had mentioned to me that we would have ours on the following Sunday, because he had an appointment on Tuesday which would cut the day very short for us. Apparently we were both thinking of different Sundays, so it didn’t quite go as planned.

On the actual Valentine’s day we had a lie-in. At some stage I sneaked out, supposedly to make coffee, but returned not only with said coffee but with a dessert which I had made for him. After a brief moment of detective work on the internet, we found a romantical movie which we had planned to watch cuddled up together. Instead we wound up dashing out of bed after only 10 minutes of romantical cinematic viewing and headed into town, as we wanted to visit a few shops before they closed. We casually strolled up and down the streets and had a quick look in a few. I was surprised that the streets were rather empty and the lack of red/pink and/or heart shaped decorations. 

After some time we headed back home and I got stuck taking a lot of pictures of the river, as I liked the lights and the patterns they cast on the water. John waited “patiently”. We had dinner when we got back and were able to spend a few more hours together before I had to pack my bags. John walked me to the bus stop with me clinging to him as I didn’t want to leave. I always hate leaving him. Sometimes I make evil plans of kidnapping him, but I haven’t quite figured out how I would be able to manoeuvre the tied up body of a 6’ 6’’ tall man into the trunk of the bus unnoticed. Oh well.  


  1. Have you ever thought about writing a novel or something? Your way of writing is always above the norm and has a very distinctive individual style about it. All you need is a plot, now, how hard can they be to think up?

    1. I have, but I don't know if I would be able to do it. We'll see. As you said, I would need a plot.

  2. Tack så mycket! :D ♥ det är sånna fina människor som du som gör att jag vill fortsätta lägga upp bilder! :3♥♥ tack, vad glad jag blir! Måste säga att jag är avis på dig som bor i Irland! ;)♥ hoppas du har en bra fortsatt kväll! :D♥♥ xx