Sunday, February 5, 2012

Honey, But it's Cold Outside!

While I can see people I know from all over the world (well, the Scandinavians are, at least) complaining on Facebook about the terribly cold weather they are experiencing in their countries, it is rather expected that it has been raining in Dublin. 

Last night my lovely red moccasins, in which I feel like a colourful Pocahontas, got thoroughly drenched. As they are made of suede, they should not have been exposed to water, but what can you do when it starts lashing down and you don't happen to have a spare pair of Wellingtons which you can change into? 

I do have to agree that it has actually been very cold lately. The other night I was left waiting for 25 minutes at the trainstation, as the train was late, and I was quite distressed as I feared my toes were going to fall off if the train would not arrive very quickly. It has been unusually cold here, but it has not been anywhere near as cold as in Finland, for instance, as I hear they have had -30 degrees Celsius. Brrrrr!!!


  1. Hi Sorella! I love those shoes..

    about the weather - my younger sister is living in London at the moment and went out partying two nights ago with her friends - wearing heels in the snow. Ha ha. It must be difficult to choose the right shoes for chilly weather! Because you cant always stick to wellingtons or boots? one needs variety! Where I am you gotta wear sandals or open shoes because its so hot!


    1. That sounds really funny :D. It would make great pictures to take pics of yourself in party outfit in snow ^_^. It sounds wonderful that you can't wear big chunky shoes, I want weather like that too :D :D :D.

  2. Thank you! I take it as a compliment :)