Sunday, February 12, 2012

No Longer a Secret State of Excitement

The other day I revealed that I had received some news which had me bouncing up and down in excitement. 

I got a new job! YAY!! I haven't been happy in my current job the last six-eight months but I have to admit that the thought of getting a new job and diving head into something unknown scared me. I staid, thinking things might get better but each morning when I dragged myself into work I grew more and more convinced that something had to change.  

Finally, what made me realize I could not postpone the inevitable any longer, was when I came back from my two week holiday in January and I realized how utterly unhappy I was at work. The hunt began. 

Three sneaky interviews later (one with the recruitment company, one with two senior team members of the company, and one meeting with two managers) and I was told by my future Team Leader that they want to offer me the position. I had to keep it a secret as I had not yet resigned from my current position. 

I'm nervous about my start date approaching so fast but I have a feeling it will all work out for the better. 



  1. Bugger, i was wrong on all guesses. Good luck in your new job. What is it?

  2. Good luck for the new work...and...beautiful shot of the cumulus :)

    1. Thank you ^_^. Tomorrow is my first day. Ooooooh, I'm nervous!