Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ice Cream

Even though I find myself yearning for the moment when my sandal clad foot steps onto the dusty ground of a foreign and HOT!! country, I do have to admit that the weather in Ireland has not been too shabby the last few days. In fact, the other day a morning paper featured an article claiming that the previous day's twenty or so degrees had been quite the achievement, as neither in Florida nor in Saudia Arabia had it been as hot as here. Unfortunately the forecast for the weekend is not quite as wonderful. Typical. I didn't get to enjoy our beautiful weather in too big of an extent as I had lots of things to do and was running around instead of enjoying ice cream in a park. Some of said running around was done in absolutely springaliscious (or summerliscious if you may) colours, as you can see above. Pale yellow and white striped top, green skirt with velvet polka dot pattern and a turquoise belt. Yep, I looked like an ice cream but that's what I had to settle for as I was not able to relax and eat some!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Itching Yearning for Sun

I've been looking at holidays all day... I guess it's that time of the year. Read about last year's yearning here.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

180 Days

John and I have been together for a little bit over six months now. Our anniversary was at the beginning of this month. I can't quite decide if it feels as if I've known him longer than that or if I should consider it bizarre that six months have gone by so quickly. 


A Famous Pub and Old Underwear

Our last stop of the night was to further rack up the miles by driving up to Johnnie Fox's Pub, located in the Dublin Mountains. It's quite the legendary place in Ireland as well as among tourists as it's not only one of the oldest pubs in Ireland but also the highest pub in Ireland. A quick glance at their website and I can also see that they claim to be one of the most famous traditional Irish pubs. I wouldn't disagree and you can have a look for yourself by going over to the Famous Visitors section and checking out just exactly how many celebrities have visited the pub. Impressive, I must say.

I had never been to the pub before so I was curious to see what the place would be like. My first impression of the place, as we ran up and down the narrow aisles, trying to find a free table, was that the place was huge. Maybe it's because looking at it from the outside, you're expecting a quaint and small place, or maybe it just appears bigger because every inch of the place is covered in stuff! 

Shovels and other farming tools hanging in the ceiling. Some of them we weren't quite sure what they would have been used for. 

Our table was next to an old fireplace. There were clothes and underwear hanging in front of it. I think they dried a long time ago *wink*.

The place was rather packed but unfortunately I didn't see any celebrities. 

Isn't this wonderful? Look at all those items! They make you wonder: Where were they taken from? How long have they been here? 

A few of us had a pint of Guinness (I didn't, as I'm not too keen on Guinness but I did take a sip of one) and we had a very filling meal. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Squealing in an Adorable, Cutesy Way, not like a Pig

We shuffled back into the backseat of Caroline's car. I didn't know where we were going next but Caroline revealed that we were going to look at some cats. Excited at the mention of cats but slightly confused, I asked her to explain. She told me that we were going to drive up to a nearby animal rescue center. Queue me jumping up and down in my seat and excitedly clapping my hands like a seal. Anybody that knows me will vouch for the fact that I'm a very keen cat lover. I squeal when I see cats, stop (never mind I'm in the middle of the street, it's a cat!!) and point at it. I dreamily look at the adorable, furry creature until either it approaches me or runs away. Approaching tends to lead to petting said animal while whoever I'm with tries to urge me to hurry up, while if the cat decides to scurry along I'm left with an air of disappointment written across my face. You get the picture.   

When we got to the rescue center I asked Caroline why we had decided to drive up and she told me that John had asked that she drive us there so that I could look at cats. At first I took her comment as a joke but from her serious look I could see it wasn't. John asked her to drive up to the center only for me to be able to look at cats. Aaaaw!! While everybody wanted to look at dogs, I exlaimed "CATS!" and off we went to look at cats first. There was a long corridor with cats in little boxed homes/cages. They all had a litter, a water and food bowl as well as a window to look out of. I was a bit disapointed the cats weren't running free as I didn't want to bother the workers to let me pet all the cats as it would entain a lot of opening and closing of cages. I made do with yearningly looking at their soft furs and contented faces as they lay sleeping on their striped rugs. I didn't want to leave my lovelies behind me, but I figured it wasn't such a big goodbye to make as I wasn't able to touch any of them.  

We went back outside and popped into the barack which was reserved for the dogs. I like dogs, in fact I like all animals (well, I do have to admit I'm not too keen on sharp-teethed and poison filled animals with a habit of snacking on dead or alive humans) but I somehow don't feel like I connect as well with a dog as I connect with a cat. I strolled around for a little while and looked at all the excitedly jumping and loudly barking dogs, but  quickly went back out again. Once outside I saw that everybody seemed to have gone in the same direction and I followed suit to see what everybody was focusing their attention on. I do have to admit that even though there were no cats involved, I did squeal, just a little bit. There were goats, sheep, ducks, chickens and a beautiful peacock. What I think excited me was the fact that due to the fence being about hip height and the animals curious, I was able to pet some of them. I'm sure that with the selection of animals it would only be logical for there to have been pigs hiding somewhere too, had I only looked hard enough. 

By the way: How freaky are the goat's eyes? I did not know goats had alien eyes! Should I be worried? 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Green Grass, a Manor and a hidden Forest

After breakfast I borrowed some runners from Caroline to morph into a terrain defying version of me and we again squeezed into her petite yet very comfortable car. We were assigned less space for arm and leg movement as we were now also joined by a Brazilian female friend of Caroline's, as well as an ex of hers, whom she ran into unexpectantly the night before and who called in the following day for further socializing. We headed off to a nearby park. 

When we pulled into the designated parking lot (nearby patch of land) it was so packed that we had to cheekily park in front of a recycling center, blocking most of it but seemingly leaving room for slim people to fit in and recycle. At a first glance it was just a normal park: lots of square meters, lots of grass. Somebody who obviously had been there before led us straight to the heart of the place: A cozy café (I'd say it was a cottage, but I'd be more enclined to say it was a shed equipped with a cappuchino machine, mind you, it was still cozy) with outside seating. When you walked through the café (shed) it opened up into a large garden with colourful flowers, a small fountain and a little house with a pointed straw roof. 

We took a stroll through the garden but after we felt we'd done enough discovering we found our way back to the large lawns. There were people everywhere: couples, children, people walking their dogs, joggers. There was a large and very majestic house in the middle of the grounds and it had a string of fairy lights running along the walls of it. I can only imagine the effect the lights would have in the dark. 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stolen Scrubs and Confiscated Slippers

I think John decided at some stage that a pillow would be a more suitable option for supporting my heavy head than his arm.We took a taxi over to Caroline's place and declared ownership of her bed. The next morning I woke up early as John got out of bed, shrugged into a dressing gown and headed out to the balcony to have a smoke. I helped myself to some pajama pieces in pink I found that looked more like scrubs than pajamas, stuck my feet into a pair of slippers which I confiscated and went out to say good morning to John. I was tired and wanted to go back to bed but wound up throwing myself in her huge Budda bag and got completely engulfed in some gossip magazines. John made me tea. 

I thankfully did not feel hung over (I'd also like to point out that John wasn't either, despite the pained look in the picture. This is simply John dodging a picture and trying to look horrible on purpose.). A bit later in the morning when Caroline appeared and felt she had woken up enough to drive, we drove off and got a greasy breakfast.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sleepy Saturday Night

When all the female individuals (that is, Caroline and I) had finished fussing over their appearance we finally headed out, to the great relief of the waiting male individual (that's John). I don't actually know/remember where we went, as I was feeling a bit sleepy after all the wine. I think we took a taxi to a nearby bar but my memory from that night is a bit foggy, and embarrassingly enough my story telling concerns a Saturday night two weekends ago. Procrastinating blogger, moi? Mais, non!

Caroline had made plans to meet up with two of her friends, Catherine and Liz. Here Catherine is posing with one of her friends, who had also come out for the evening.

Catherine, her friend and Liz. I spent the beginning of the night - when I still had some energy - chatting with Liz. I enjoyed our conversation but I'm not sure what she thought, as she was stone cold sober and I wasn't.

The remainder of the night was spent in a sleepy daze. While I'm pretty sure it wouldn't constitute as sleeping, as there was some form of consciousness there, I was leaning heavily on John's arm all night. I was told that a lot of the night was also spent affectionately gazing up at John from the bottom of his sleeve where I was clinging on to it. 

Caroline, Catherine and her friend.

P.S. I never really think about the fact that my boyfriend is so much taller than me. I only ever notice the height difference when I put my arms around his neck or kiss him, the rest of the time it feels as if we're pretty much the same height. It's funny to see the pictures of the two of us, as I can clearly see there is a difference of a good few inches between us. It is however a welcome change after dating so many shorter guys!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Makeup Lessons and Wine

After enjoying a very satisfying and filling dinner and enjoying a bit of wine (aherm... two bottles between us), we went out for a few drinks. I debuted this little number. It has a collar, a splash of colour and fits me perfectly. I love it!

I used to hate orange. I guess I changed my mind somewhere along the way, as I own these cute little things. Even though I do own orange ballerinas, I'm not sure I'd venture as far as an orange piece of clothing (say, a dress... I might be mistaken for an approaching fruit on the run) or sport an orange bag. Yep, it seems I appreciate orange, but only in the shape of footwear.

My necklace is vintage and has a blue glass stone in the middle. It has leaves at the top, meaning it's supposed to be thought of as an apple, pear or some other leafy object. Despite it's lack of certainty regarding which leafy object it desires to resemble, I find it adorable, it's one of my favorite necklaces. 

I did my makeup as such. I thought it would be fun to mention to Caroline that I never use foundation, powder etc on my face and said it would be fun if she did my makeup sometime. She swiftly declared sometime would not be good enough but instead immediately would be sufficient. She got all her bottles and jars out and in a few minutes did the remainder of my face which had not been painted by me. 

This is the result. What do you think of my before and after? I thought it looked nice and it wasn't too obnoxiously made up and didn't look tarty. I wouldn't like to wear this much makeup all the time though, as getting beige collars does not really seem that appealing. I also think I scratch, fidget and touch my face too often to be able to keep the makeup on my face, rather than everywhere else.