Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Famous Pub and Old Underwear

Our last stop of the night was to further rack up the miles by driving up to Johnnie Fox's Pub, located in the Dublin Mountains. It's quite the legendary place in Ireland as well as among tourists as it's not only one of the oldest pubs in Ireland but also the highest pub in Ireland. A quick glance at their website and I can also see that they claim to be one of the most famous traditional Irish pubs. I wouldn't disagree and you can have a look for yourself by going over to the Famous Visitors section and checking out just exactly how many celebrities have visited the pub. Impressive, I must say.

I had never been to the pub before so I was curious to see what the place would be like. My first impression of the place, as we ran up and down the narrow aisles, trying to find a free table, was that the place was huge. Maybe it's because looking at it from the outside, you're expecting a quaint and small place, or maybe it just appears bigger because every inch of the place is covered in stuff! 

Shovels and other farming tools hanging in the ceiling. Some of them we weren't quite sure what they would have been used for. 

Our table was next to an old fireplace. There were clothes and underwear hanging in front of it. I think they dried a long time ago *wink*.

The place was rather packed but unfortunately I didn't see any celebrities. 

Isn't this wonderful? Look at all those items! They make you wonder: Where were they taken from? How long have they been here? 

A few of us had a pint of Guinness (I didn't, as I'm not too keen on Guinness but I did take a sip of one) and we had a very filling meal. 


  1. Never knew Dublin had mountains. You're not too keen on Guinness? have a Guinness shandy. That is half a glass of Guinness half a glass of lemonade (same glass of course). you'll love it. The lemonade takes the bitter strong taste off Guinness for those not use to it, but you get the lovely Guinness taste still.

  2. cool place!
    underdelen som du frågade om var inte alls så dyr.. kostade lika mkt som överdelen om jag inte minns fel.. eller mindre. Överdelen kostade iaf 149:- Jag hoppas på att hitta någon nederdel senare :)