Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Green Grass, a Manor and a hidden Forest

After breakfast I borrowed some runners from Caroline to morph into a terrain defying version of me and we again squeezed into her petite yet very comfortable car. We were assigned less space for arm and leg movement as we were now also joined by a Brazilian female friend of Caroline's, as well as an ex of hers, whom she ran into unexpectantly the night before and who called in the following day for further socializing. We headed off to a nearby park. 

When we pulled into the designated parking lot (nearby patch of land) it was so packed that we had to cheekily park in front of a recycling center, blocking most of it but seemingly leaving room for slim people to fit in and recycle. At a first glance it was just a normal park: lots of square meters, lots of grass. Somebody who obviously had been there before led us straight to the heart of the place: A cozy café (I'd say it was a cottage, but I'd be more enclined to say it was a shed equipped with a cappuchino machine, mind you, it was still cozy) with outside seating. When you walked through the café (shed) it opened up into a large garden with colourful flowers, a small fountain and a little house with a pointed straw roof. 

We took a stroll through the garden but after we felt we'd done enough discovering we found our way back to the large lawns. There were people everywhere: couples, children, people walking their dogs, joggers. There was a large and very majestic house in the middle of the grounds and it had a string of fairy lights running along the walls of it. I can only imagine the effect the lights would have in the dark.