Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ice Cream

Even though I find myself yearning for the moment when my sandal clad foot steps onto the dusty ground of a foreign and HOT!! country, I do have to admit that the weather in Ireland has not been too shabby the last few days. In fact, the other day a morning paper featured an article claiming that the previous day's twenty or so degrees had been quite the achievement, as neither in Florida nor in Saudia Arabia had it been as hot as here. Unfortunately the forecast for the weekend is not quite as wonderful. Typical. I didn't get to enjoy our beautiful weather in too big of an extent as I had lots of things to do and was running around instead of enjoying ice cream in a park. Some of said running around was done in absolutely springaliscious (or summerliscious if you may) colours, as you can see above. Pale yellow and white striped top, green skirt with velvet polka dot pattern and a turquoise belt. Yep, I looked like an ice cream but that's what I had to settle for as I was not able to relax and eat some!


  1. Wow, just wow. Erm, nice belt. HAHAHAHA

  2. Vilken fin kjol! Hittade precis in här och ville bara säga att jag gillart'! Kram på dig

    1. Hihi, tack, gillar den skarpt. Det kan inte bli fel med sammetsprickad gron kjol!