Thursday, March 15, 2012

Makeup Lessons and Wine

After enjoying a very satisfying and filling dinner and enjoying a bit of wine (aherm... two bottles between us), we went out for a few drinks. I debuted this little number. It has a collar, a splash of colour and fits me perfectly. I love it!

I used to hate orange. I guess I changed my mind somewhere along the way, as I own these cute little things. Even though I do own orange ballerinas, I'm not sure I'd venture as far as an orange piece of clothing (say, a dress... I might be mistaken for an approaching fruit on the run) or sport an orange bag. Yep, it seems I appreciate orange, but only in the shape of footwear.

My necklace is vintage and has a blue glass stone in the middle. It has leaves at the top, meaning it's supposed to be thought of as an apple, pear or some other leafy object. Despite it's lack of certainty regarding which leafy object it desires to resemble, I find it adorable, it's one of my favorite necklaces. 

I did my makeup as such. I thought it would be fun to mention to Caroline that I never use foundation, powder etc on my face and said it would be fun if she did my makeup sometime. She swiftly declared sometime would not be good enough but instead immediately would be sufficient. She got all her bottles and jars out and in a few minutes did the remainder of my face which had not been painted by me. 

This is the result. What do you think of my before and after? I thought it looked nice and it wasn't too obnoxiously made up and didn't look tarty. I wouldn't like to wear this much makeup all the time though, as getting beige collars does not really seem that appealing. I also think I scratch, fidget and touch my face too often to be able to keep the makeup on my face, rather than everywhere else. 

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  1. As usual. Very nice. That 60's type eye make up brings you eyes out. Not literally out of your sockets but you know what I mean.