Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sleepy Saturday Night

When all the female individuals (that is, Caroline and I) had finished fussing over their appearance we finally headed out, to the great relief of the waiting male individual (that's John). I don't actually know/remember where we went, as I was feeling a bit sleepy after all the wine. I think we took a taxi to a nearby bar but my memory from that night is a bit foggy, and embarrassingly enough my story telling concerns a Saturday night two weekends ago. Procrastinating blogger, moi? Mais, non!

Caroline had made plans to meet up with two of her friends, Catherine and Liz. Here Catherine is posing with one of her friends, who had also come out for the evening.

Catherine, her friend and Liz. I spent the beginning of the night - when I still had some energy - chatting with Liz. I enjoyed our conversation but I'm not sure what she thought, as she was stone cold sober and I wasn't.

The remainder of the night was spent in a sleepy daze. While I'm pretty sure it wouldn't constitute as sleeping, as there was some form of consciousness there, I was leaning heavily on John's arm all night. I was told that a lot of the night was also spent affectionately gazing up at John from the bottom of his sleeve where I was clinging on to it. 

Caroline, Catherine and her friend.

P.S. I never really think about the fact that my boyfriend is so much taller than me. I only ever notice the height difference when I put my arms around his neck or kiss him, the rest of the time it feels as if we're pretty much the same height. It's funny to see the pictures of the two of us, as I can clearly see there is a difference of a good few inches between us. It is however a welcome change after dating so many shorter guys!

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  1. You make a nice couple. The height of your boyfriend is good for you, you being very tall.