Thursday, March 22, 2012

Squealing in an Adorable, Cutesy Way, not like a Pig

We shuffled back into the backseat of Caroline's car. I didn't know where we were going next but Caroline revealed that we were going to look at some cats. Excited at the mention of cats but slightly confused, I asked her to explain. She told me that we were going to drive up to a nearby animal rescue center. Queue me jumping up and down in my seat and excitedly clapping my hands like a seal. Anybody that knows me will vouch for the fact that I'm a very keen cat lover. I squeal when I see cats, stop (never mind I'm in the middle of the street, it's a cat!!) and point at it. I dreamily look at the adorable, furry creature until either it approaches me or runs away. Approaching tends to lead to petting said animal while whoever I'm with tries to urge me to hurry up, while if the cat decides to scurry along I'm left with an air of disappointment written across my face. You get the picture.   

When we got to the rescue center I asked Caroline why we had decided to drive up and she told me that John had asked that she drive us there so that I could look at cats. At first I took her comment as a joke but from her serious look I could see it wasn't. John asked her to drive up to the center only for me to be able to look at cats. Aaaaw!! While everybody wanted to look at dogs, I exlaimed "CATS!" and off we went to look at cats first. There was a long corridor with cats in little boxed homes/cages. They all had a litter, a water and food bowl as well as a window to look out of. I was a bit disapointed the cats weren't running free as I didn't want to bother the workers to let me pet all the cats as it would entain a lot of opening and closing of cages. I made do with yearningly looking at their soft furs and contented faces as they lay sleeping on their striped rugs. I didn't want to leave my lovelies behind me, but I figured it wasn't such a big goodbye to make as I wasn't able to touch any of them.  

We went back outside and popped into the barack which was reserved for the dogs. I like dogs, in fact I like all animals (well, I do have to admit I'm not too keen on sharp-teethed and poison filled animals with a habit of snacking on dead or alive humans) but I somehow don't feel like I connect as well with a dog as I connect with a cat. I strolled around for a little while and looked at all the excitedly jumping and loudly barking dogs, but  quickly went back out again. Once outside I saw that everybody seemed to have gone in the same direction and I followed suit to see what everybody was focusing their attention on. I do have to admit that even though there were no cats involved, I did squeal, just a little bit. There were goats, sheep, ducks, chickens and a beautiful peacock. What I think excited me was the fact that due to the fence being about hip height and the animals curious, I was able to pet some of them. I'm sure that with the selection of animals it would only be logical for there to have been pigs hiding somewhere too, had I only looked hard enough. 

By the way: How freaky are the goat's eyes? I did not know goats had alien eyes! Should I be worried? 

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