Wednesday, March 14, 2012

To Caroline's for an Impromptu Dinner

The other week, as John and I were walking home after visiting the farmers market, we arranged to go over to Caroline's place later in the evening. Not so much go over, nor would it be later in the evening, but her picking us up from my place as soon as we'd get home. We stopped by the shops and got some food to prepare in Caroline's place as we were ravenous and then took the bus home. Once back in the house we put away our purchases from the market (did I mention they sold books for a euro each at the market café? I brought eleven newcomers back home with me...) and also slipped the strawberries and whipped cream I had purchased earlier in the day into the bag of groceries we would be bringing with us.

Caroline had some problems finding my place so we took our bags and our groceries with us and I grasped a large plastic container of salad as we hurried out the door. As we walked up the road and around a few corners to where Caroline was parked, I seemed to get a lot of curious glances from people passing me in the street. Apparently it's unheard of to make a large salad and store it in an equally large plastic container, that then is too bulky to place your average carrier bag.

I've only been to Caroline's place once before but the last time I was unfortunately not equipped with a camera. This time, as John slaved away by the stove, I had my way with the apartment and walked around hapily snapping shots of all the interesting things crammed into all corners of her apartment. 

Her couch is incredibly, lusciously comfortable and I'm highly jealous as the couch in my place is not only small, but not very comfortable and certainly not luscious. 

This is a painted didgeridoo that Caroline bought when she was in Australia. The painting is by Caroline/John's mother.


This is a hungry me, sans make up and clad in my boyfriend's baggy sweater.

I love that there's so many decorative items in her apartment and that it all seems to match. When I buy decorative items (read: knick knacks) they tend to never follow any consistent theme or similar colour scheme. 

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  1. Is Caroline ok with you putting pics of her home up on the internet? Some one might come round and rob her settee.