Monday, April 23, 2012

Wine and Games

The dinner was, as earlier mentioned, a bit more intimate than expected. As John and I rushed out the door at 7 PM, thinking we were late as we had been told to come over around seven, I got a call from Urszula. She told me that Mariangela and Myriam (my former colleagues) were not able to come due to different reasons so it would just be Urszula, Samuele - Urszula's fiancé - and of course John and I. 

It was very nice to see Urszula again as I haven't seen her since I started my new job, which was in early February. We gossiped as we were sitting on their livingroom couch while they were working in the adjoining kitchen. We sipped wine, chatted and got a whiff of the lovely smell filling the room. The food was fabulous and it was exciting to get to try their Italian main course and Polish dessert. I asked for the names of their lovely concoctions but I forgot them about five minutes later.

While I was too engrossed in our chat and the food to take any pictures, I did snap a few later in the evening. After the dinner we continued talking but found ourselves playing board games and playing poker as the hours flew by. I didn't do so much of the playing of the poker, as unfortunately I'm not able to learn it, but watched as the others did. They tried, in vain, to teach me, but nobody has yet been able to. I am for some reason though, able to (or used to be able to, it's been a long time since I did so I must have forgotten everything) play bridge, which was very complicated and took me a very long time to master. I learned it in school and while I enclosed this information everybody sniggered as bridge is generally considered an old grannie's game.

John had a few games of chess with Samuele. I know how to play the game but am unfortunately not very good as I have no ability to see or use any strategy. They were playing on a massive wooden, handcrafted Italian chess board which Urszula gave to Samuele on his recent birthday. The detailing is beautiful.

P.S. Scrabble is a surprisingly difficult game. 

Oranges, Lemons and Strawberries

Sometimes after trying on a few different things when trying to decide what to wear, I'll notice that my dress/skirt etc needs ironing. I'm not a fan of ironing so if I can get away with zero ironing efforts I'll gladly avoid the iron. Other times I'll notice that I only need a quick ironing and at such times I will do what I can be seen in the above picture. The perfect and quick solution: Ironing my dress whilst wearing it!

This is what I wore going out to dinner on Saturday: My new fruit dress!

After I had gotten ready and had applied my makeup I had to wait for John to get ready. What's this about women taking longer to get ready?

Here you can see my "new" necklace. It's a little vintage piece I recently bought. If you're not sure where the mention of strawberries in my headline comes from you can have a peep at my ears.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Second Take - Sunday

The dinner party turned out to be slightly more intimate than expected as two of my former colleagues had not been able to join us. More about this later, as funnily enough I have to head out soon... to another dinner! Me and John are going over to Caroline's place for dinner. I don't know why everybody have decided they want to cook on my behalf this weekend but I'm not complaining. 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Modern Age Quasimodo

Yesterday I ventured into town in the surprising yet uplifting warm weather. The sun was shining and I stripped off my coat and scarf and was walking around with sunglasses and a big smile on my face. It's amazing what a little bit of sun will do to your mood. I was practically bouncing down the street.

I'm less energetic today, as the reason for going into town yesterday was to visit my chiropractor. I bought a voucher for said chiropractor a while back, which entitles me to a consultation and a few visits for a shockingly small fee. I thought I'd go and see in what kind of shape they think I 'm in. 

After being told I have scoliosis when I was younger, but having it dismissed as too mild to need any type of intervention just as quickly as I was diagnosed with it, my chiropractor said it's not as mild as I had been led to believe. 

While he had been cracking and twisting me once before, I hadn't been in too much pain afterwards and had not expected to be so after my second visit either. I was wrong. I'm walking around hunched over with an aching in my lower back. Picture a modern, female Quasimodo in sweatpants and a large t shirt. I was told to expect a little bit of pain but if it got unmanageable I should call them. It's not unmanageable but it does feel like I've been hunched over cleaning floors all day. I'm hoping it will pass soon but I have to admit I'm quite stubborn so I'm not too quick to jump to painkillers to aid me in dealing with the pain.

Later tonight I'm going into town again and it's for quite a spectacular reason: I'm having a dinner party being thrown in my honour! What honour! It's my colleagues from my previous job who said they were sad to see me leaving and wanted to do something nice for me. Like entertain and feed me! I'm very excited, nonetheless to see what type of food will be served. Urszula's boyfriend is doing all the cooking and he is Italian and apparently quite familiar with his way around a kitchen. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Handy Man

My favourite part about moving into a new place is the adventure which you can embark on once you're settled in: Rummaging! You get to go through not only your own room, but forgotten parts of the rest of the place. In your quest for treasures you may but hopefully will find things that past tenants have left behind.

Yesterday he found this little foot stool in the house. Unwanted by not only the previous owner but also his other flatmates, he claimed it his.

As there was a jar of glossy black paint in the house he decided to liven it up and paint it black. The paint turned out to be a tad too strong for indoor painting and he took his new furniture outside. 

As you can see the foot stool used to be a wine crate! I would not be able to comment on whether it used to hold good wine as I can't claim to be very knowledgeable about wine. It makes for a very charming story, as John so ruthlessly painted over the cute stamping on the side.

I, uninterested in the painting, hopped around his backyard taking pictures of things I deemed interesting enough for my camera and lens.

Such cute little cacti!

It's a sign of spring when you find yourself outdoors painting!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Ever Dreaded...

My birthday is coming up soon as May is quickly approaching. I am turning the...erhm...big two-four. 

At work we seem to have been discussing age a lot lately. I would be inclined to think it has something to do with the fact that there are a lot of birthdays in the coming few summer months. 

Each year, no matter the age of the individual, it seems to be a matter of great despair: Turning another year older. Some people seem to shrug the day off without much worry (and thus they do not start early work on those worry lines, how clever...) and I belong - to some extent - to this group. 

What I seem to get caught up over is the fact that every year I get a new number to call my own, a number which seems so unfamiliar. You would think I'd be used to the idea of this new number now defining me, as I have had a whole year to prepare but every year it feels so strange, so bizarre. 

A few weeks and I'll be able to experience deja vú.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Addiction in it's Various Holiday Forms

I haven't been up to anything exciting over the Easter holiday. My few days of total freedom from anything work related have been spent mostly at home. I wish I could say I was strong enough to withstand the temptation, but I have in fact been stuffing my face with chocolate. This coming week I'll have to try and wean myself off the cravings for all things sweet. I still have a little bit of dark chocolate left, which as we all have been told is not as bad of a guilty pleasure as milk chocolate, but unfortunately I can't seem to find the scrunched up piece of aluminium foil with the remaining two pieces. Maybe it's just wishful thinking.

I've spent my days off with John and have only ventured back to my place to quickly pick up a few things here and there: My sweatpants, my camera, my ovenproof dish, potatoes and some other vegetables. We've spent parts of our afternoons and evenings watching the US version of The Office in long sittings of multiple episodes. While I never really watched the show before, I do think I'm completely addicted to it.

Holidays tend to bring out addiction in me!

Happy Easter!!

Easter is almost over and the long weekend is nearing it's end (Why? I'm pretty sure nobody wants to go back to work!). I hope you have had a nice Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pajamas and Bunny Slippers May become a New Trend

Countless of nights spent alone in a bed which feels wrong without that warm body beside me. Numerous text messages bouncing back and forth between us as we let our fingers rapidly type out our yearning into words. Too many weeks where we have only been able to (what always feels like) briefly meet only once.

I may never leave John's new place. He has finally moved up to Dublin and not only am I no longer dependent on public transport in order to see him, but I am also no longer in need of a coat. Seeing as he now lives around the corner from me, about 15 seconds away, I could run over in my pajamas if I so wanted to.

*Happy squeal*