Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Handy Man

My favourite part about moving into a new place is the adventure which you can embark on once you're settled in: Rummaging! You get to go through not only your own room, but forgotten parts of the rest of the place. In your quest for treasures you may but hopefully will find things that past tenants have left behind.

Yesterday he found this little foot stool in the house. Unwanted by not only the previous owner but also his other flatmates, he claimed it his.

As there was a jar of glossy black paint in the house he decided to liven it up and paint it black. The paint turned out to be a tad too strong for indoor painting and he took his new furniture outside. 

As you can see the foot stool used to be a wine crate! I would not be able to comment on whether it used to hold good wine as I can't claim to be very knowledgeable about wine. It makes for a very charming story, as John so ruthlessly painted over the cute stamping on the side.

I, uninterested in the painting, hopped around his backyard taking pictures of things I deemed interesting enough for my camera and lens.

Such cute little cacti!

It's a sign of spring when you find yourself outdoors painting!

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