Saturday, April 21, 2012

Modern Age Quasimodo

Yesterday I ventured into town in the surprising yet uplifting warm weather. The sun was shining and I stripped off my coat and scarf and was walking around with sunglasses and a big smile on my face. It's amazing what a little bit of sun will do to your mood. I was practically bouncing down the street.

I'm less energetic today, as the reason for going into town yesterday was to visit my chiropractor. I bought a voucher for said chiropractor a while back, which entitles me to a consultation and a few visits for a shockingly small fee. I thought I'd go and see in what kind of shape they think I 'm in. 

After being told I have scoliosis when I was younger, but having it dismissed as too mild to need any type of intervention just as quickly as I was diagnosed with it, my chiropractor said it's not as mild as I had been led to believe. 

While he had been cracking and twisting me once before, I hadn't been in too much pain afterwards and had not expected to be so after my second visit either. I was wrong. I'm walking around hunched over with an aching in my lower back. Picture a modern, female Quasimodo in sweatpants and a large t shirt. I was told to expect a little bit of pain but if it got unmanageable I should call them. It's not unmanageable but it does feel like I've been hunched over cleaning floors all day. I'm hoping it will pass soon but I have to admit I'm quite stubborn so I'm not too quick to jump to painkillers to aid me in dealing with the pain.

Later tonight I'm going into town again and it's for quite a spectacular reason: I'm having a dinner party being thrown in my honour! What honour! It's my colleagues from my previous job who said they were sad to see me leaving and wanted to do something nice for me. Like entertain and feed me! I'm very excited, nonetheless to see what type of food will be served. Urszula's boyfriend is doing all the cooking and he is Italian and apparently quite familiar with his way around a kitchen. 

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