Monday, April 23, 2012

Oranges, Lemons and Strawberries

Sometimes after trying on a few different things when trying to decide what to wear, I'll notice that my dress/skirt etc needs ironing. I'm not a fan of ironing so if I can get away with zero ironing efforts I'll gladly avoid the iron. Other times I'll notice that I only need a quick ironing and at such times I will do what I can be seen in the above picture. The perfect and quick solution: Ironing my dress whilst wearing it!

This is what I wore going out to dinner on Saturday: My new fruit dress!

After I had gotten ready and had applied my makeup I had to wait for John to get ready. What's this about women taking longer to get ready?

Here you can see my "new" necklace. It's a little vintage piece I recently bought. If you're not sure where the mention of strawberries in my headline comes from you can have a peep at my ears.


  1. That necklace pic of you ias very good.

  2. Hi!

    I'm wondering where you bought your cardigan, it looks just like an cardigan should, so I really would appriciate an answer!! :)


    1. SORRY for not replying to you before!!!! I had a bit of a hiatus from my blog so I never replied.

      The cardigan is from H&M :). I'm glad you like it. I bought two, one in green and one in pink :). I actually bought them on eBay though. You should have a look and you may find a similar one :).