Monday, April 23, 2012

Wine and Games

The dinner was, as earlier mentioned, a bit more intimate than expected. As John and I rushed out the door at 7 PM, thinking we were late as we had been told to come over around seven, I got a call from Urszula. She told me that Mariangela and Myriam (my former colleagues) were not able to come due to different reasons so it would just be Urszula, Samuele - Urszula's fianc√© - and of course John and I. 

It was very nice to see Urszula again as I haven't seen her since I started my new job, which was in early February. We gossiped as we were sitting on their livingroom couch while they were working in the adjoining kitchen. We sipped wine, chatted and got a whiff of the lovely smell filling the room. The food was fabulous and it was exciting to get to try their Italian main course and Polish dessert. I asked for the names of their lovely concoctions but I forgot them about five minutes later.

While I was too engrossed in our chat and the food to take any pictures, I did snap a few later in the evening. After the dinner we continued talking but found ourselves playing board games and playing poker as the hours flew by. I didn't do so much of the playing of the poker, as unfortunately I'm not able to learn it, but watched as the others did. They tried, in vain, to teach me, but nobody has yet been able to. I am for some reason though, able to (or used to be able to, it's been a long time since I did so I must have forgotten everything) play bridge, which was very complicated and took me a very long time to master. I learned it in school and while I enclosed this information everybody sniggered as bridge is generally considered an old grannie's game.

John had a few games of chess with Samuele. I know how to play the game but am unfortunately not very good as I have no ability to see or use any strategy. They were playing on a massive wooden, handcrafted Italian chess board which Urszula gave to Samuele on his recent birthday. The detailing is beautiful.

P.S. Scrabble is a surprisingly difficult game. 


  1. More games played there in an evening then I've played in a lifetime.

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