Saturday, May 19, 2012

25 Days of Panic

I have to admit that I like moving. Maybe not so much the moving part, as packing, organizing, cleaning, loading, unloading and unpacking tends to be very straining and certainly very time consuming, but more so the part where I get to find a new place to conquer. A clean, bright and cozy space I get to turn into my own by spreading my stuff all over it. A change of scenery, something new, something to get used to. A new bed to sleep in, a new room to wake up in and a new smell that greets you when you open the front door (as in, every house has it's own smell). 

While I should be excited about the thought of moving again, I'm slightly panicked about now having only 25 days to secure a new home. While my current room is lovely (the pictures show a bare, almost clinical room, as they were taken on the night I moved in when only parts of my belongings had found their way into my room, not yet being able to add any real feel to it) I don't like the living room or kitchen. Both make me feel as if I'm in a dimly lit bomb shelter. I hardly stay in my place as I tend to spend most of my time at John's place, where the shared living areas don't make me feel claustrophobic. 

The thought of not finding anywhere to move worries me even though I have a little over three weeks left to continue my search for the perfect room to rent. I have a number of criteria that the room needs to fill: It is a matter of size, location, price and adequate amount of storage. I hope I find something soon so I can calm down and strop stressing about it. I have only look at four places so far, but it feels as if I've viewed triple the actual amount. Keep your fingers crossed I'll find something, quick!

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  1. Blimey, why so many moves? and just has your fella moves near you!