Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hockey Dancing Night

I defied my of late unsocial ways last weekend and socialized with others than my boyfriend. I was invited to tag along to watch the hockey games that would be held between a number of countries (Finland being one of them, GO FINLAND GO!!) and while John had asked me to come to Wexford with him to the confirmation of one of his cousins I for once decided to decline my girlfriend duties and not go with him.

After some initial confusion regarding the location of the bar, I met up with Sini and Anni in The Livingroom (it doesn't pay tribute to livingrooms by resembling one so I'd like to hear their philosophy behind the name) on Friday. I have to admit that while the official excuse for going out was to watch the hockey game, I only saw about 2 minutes of actual sportsmanship during the whole night as I arrived a little bit too late to catch the for us main game of interest (Finnish match, I think we won) and it had also become a bit too cold to sit outside by the large screens, so we all headed back inside. 

I had a few drinks and spoke to a few people I had never met before and had some really interesting conversations. It was really nice to go out after not having had done anything in a really long time. If pressed for when the last time I went out was, I wouldn't be able to say. The end of the night was spent in a different location (The Livingroom had a very early last call, I don't know about yours but my livingroom is open all night) with me channeling my excitement in wild, uncontrolled dancing. Fabulous time! To imagine I hadn't been sure whether to accept the invite, due to my passionate hate for televised sporting events!

The pictures are of Heidi, Toni (snazzzzy posing) and Sini.

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