Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sinful Night

I was invited out again on Saturday night and instead of groaning due to laziness and simply staying in bed, sending disappointing declining text messages, I got dolled up all over again and went out to Anni's place. Most of the people I had met the previous night had gathered in her apartment and cider sipping and interesting conversation ensued. It was already after eleven when we noticed just how late it had become and rushed out the door. We went to a place called Sin (hence the title, the night was not particularly sinful, unless you count dancing as a sin) and found ourselves flailing our arms and legs in an equally satisfying way as during the previous night of dancing. This night, however, I went home a bit earlier and left the others to keep the fire going. 

Anni's appartment. Anni's room to be exact. Anni's wall to be even further specific. Anni's collection of memorable images. Wonderful!

What I wore. A full and fluffy white lace dress and a cropped floral cardigan. Unfortunately I got some of the ink in the stamp I received on my hand upon entry into the club on the front of the dress when I was dancing. I still haven't tried to remove it. Crap. I hope I didn't destroy the dress, I'm quite fond of it as I feel like a princess in it. 

Sointu (her name means Melody in her native Finnish) in her cool hat. 

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