Monday, May 14, 2012

Sun, Never Leave Me

Unlike last weekend, this one was a quiet one. I slept too much (that's the downside of neglecting yourself of sleep during the week, being a night-owl and having a boyfriend who works nights), read a number of pages in the brick of a book I'm currently delved into, went to the cinema and saw a horror movie. 

I'm not good with horrors, they scare me, but I'm too curious to be able to not try and watch one now and again. This was the first time I've been brave enough to watch one in the cinema. I don't see why anyone would find it a good idea to cram oneself into constrained seats in a dark room and watch something that will freak one out. Seems like a great way to panic if you ask me. 

I also sunbathed for an amazing 20 minutes or so! Sunshine!! GASP! It was wonderful; I brought out a blanket and submerged in a pile of fluffy pillows and with a pair of sunglasses unfamiliarly positioned on the bridge of my nose I pretended I was on a Portuguese beach. 


  1. I had a guinea pig whose favourate food was dandelon heads, went made for them. Made all his chin go yellow with eating them.

  2. dandelion and went mad. Don't you just hate it when your spell check doesn't work.