Sunday, May 6, 2012

Waking up with Makeup

One of my bad habits is that I tend to go to bed with my makeup still on. Sometimes I wake up and it's still layered on perfectly so I touch up in a few strokes and I'm ready to go. I'd be curious to know whether I'm the only one who has done this. I'm sure some people would be appalled to hear of this bad habit. What probably make things a bit easier is the fact that I only apply makeup to my eyes and don't use the likes of foundation, powder and whatever else you can cake onto your face. While I don't always wake up looking the exact same way as I did when I went to bed, the degree to which my eye makeup may have smudged tends to vary. 

Yesterday I ordered a pizza and was as far as the door, opening it, when I realised I hadn't looked myself in the mirror yet and might give the delivery man a startle. He wasn't able to take the note I offered him as he didn't have any change, so as I rushed up to my room to check whether I had anything smaller to give him I had a quick peep in the mirror and was thankful to see I didn't look like a complete mess. Phew. I was also sporting major bed hair but as it turned out it was just the right amount of tousled and I felt rather sexy as I rushed down with a handful of coins. 

Bed hair and the-morning-after-makeup is a bit like getting drenched in the rain. In your mind it looks carefree and sexy (as seen in movies) and you act a notch more confident... until you catch a glimpse of your reflection in something. The horror! It's only on rare, unexpected occasions you're actually carrying it off successfully. 

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  1. Shouldn't leave masscara on at night, your eye lids might stick together. True.