Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Longer Homeless

I mentioned earlier that I was on the hunt for a new home and that I was slightly anxious of becoming homeless. It turned out I would become homeless. For 3 weeks.

I didn't find a new place in time and my then landlord informed me that they had found a girl to move into my room. Being blessed with a nice ex-boyfriend I was not left to sleep in a cardboard box in some forgotten part of Dublin as John came to my rescue and offered to take me in until I was able to find something. 

I didn't want to rent a moving van as I would have to move everything a second time anyways, and there was also the added benefit that he lived about 200 steps away from me. It was a bit time consuming and quite a workout but I carried, rolled and heaved everything over to his place in the course of a few days. It left his room in a state. Bags and bags of clothes, shoes and, well...bags. 

It took me 3 weeks and 28 viewings but I did manage to find something. Yes, you read that correctly. Twenty-eight fricking viewings! At some stage I thought I was going to either go crazy or drop down dead from all the stress. 

My new place is a lot more central and thus very convenient. It's on a very quiet street though so I still feel very safe. I'm also slightly in love with my room as it's an en-suite. Granted, the bathroom is incredibly small, but it's mine. I'm not sure you can tell from the pictures but my bed is absolutely humongous. There seems to be stuff permanently piled onto the right side of the bed (folded laundry, the book I'm currently reading, sometimes my laptop or my camera and my bag) but as it's so big I never knock any of it over. I love it!

Here are some pictures of what it looked like before all my stuff exploded all over my room!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh Noes - The Jar Won't Open!

The last two weeks I've been snacking on a lot, let me tell you, a lot of olives at work. Spicy olives, herb infused olives, garlic olives, pimento stuffed olives, black olives, green olives, you name it. There has been some general musing over my sudden obsession with olives, which is understandable. 

My colleagues are going to giggle, nay, laugh themselves silly when I come in to work tomorrow though. I'll be clutching this monstrous jar of olives under my arm and I'll be forced to go around asking all the strong men to try and open it for me. I tried opening it myself but the lid would not budge and I felt as if I was going to break my arm in the process.

I'm not sure you can tell exactly how big it is. It looks like a giant jar of heaven to me though!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Often Overlooked Fact: Zombies like to Party

Us zombies were sitting in the smoking area/beer garden of The Grand Social and sipping cold drinks when an argument erupted over what kind of food everybody would be interested in ordering. One thing we could all agree on was that we should head back to Janne's place for an after party. There were two Jannes present so a slightly heated discussion also occurred over which Janne was number one and number two. In order to keep the peace and not break any hearts I will only state it was the blonde Janne's place we all ventured over to.

I'm including this shot of this tiny bush and miniature hedge, in the case that you want to work out where Janne lives so you can stalk him and crash any future parties.

This is Janne. The one with glasses and beer.

The other Janne had a DJ set (please excuse me for not having a great knowledge of DJ terminology) that he was entertaining us with by playing some tunes. At some stage of the evening I went over and demanded that he show me how it works but I left after a few minutes as it didn't seem like anything I'd be able to pick up. The longer the evening went on the less I was able to understand of it. At the end I'm sure I would have been able to muster up a "Look at all the bright colours" in reference to the different buttons.

Susanna, again with the creepy eyeball popping out of her shoulder. 

I had my very first Bloody Mary. I can't say I enjoyed it, but I was fascinated. Tabasco sauce, pepper and celery... Hmmm... I was told that it wasn't a very good sample and that I would perhaps enjoy a better made one. I'm not sure it's something I would ever order in a bar though.

This is what blonde Janne looks like when he is highly concentrated and is not cropped into a closeup of his hands.

This is a place mat. I know it sounds like a horribly boring party if I was photographing place mats but I swear it wasn't. I'm just drawn to bright colours (hence the fascination with the DJ set).

This is me as a smiling zombie with Susanna. I do have to state again how proud I was of the make up job. Go me!

Janne wearing neon pink aviator sunglasses (why not?) and a lovely Sini.

We had a few drinks. We were all decked out on the balcony and as there was wonderful weather we stayed out there the whole evening. I disappeared at some stage and was gone for a few hours as I locked myself into the bathroom and later returned mysteriously in a bathrobe. It has now been added onto my "Crazy Stories" list. Also, note that the wineglass with the straw is mine. I came up with this great idea since I didn't want to ruin my zombie makeup. I also cut the straw in half so it wouldn't fall out of the glass. I'm great with these ideas.

Chen and Susanna.

I think everybody did a great job with their makeup and costumes. Kudos for the effort! It was a lovely evening I'm sure we'll all remember!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You've Got a bit of Blood there...

I had never heard of The Dublin Zombie Walk until my friend invited me to go with her. While at first I wasn't sure whether it would be my thing, I still decided to go. I purchased a set of tiny overpriced face paint tablets and after a little bit of research work on Youtube I started the transformation. 

The gathering point for the walk was in St. Stephen's Green where it would start and then continue down to Temple Bar. The plan was for me to meet my friend at the gathering point, which meant I would have to do the 15 minute walk down to the park in full zombie makeup on my own. I was a bit worried about feeling silly and about getting a lot of attention. 

Not to worry. I had laid down a layer of foundation and white paint and started brushing on black eye-shadow around my eyes to create a hollow look. I could feel myself getting increasingly excited as I was turning into a zombie. By the time I was dabbing on red paint to do the final bloody touch (hoping dearly I wouldn't mess it up as I would have to re-do the whole thing) I was practically jumping up and down in excitement. I found myself smiling as I walked down to the park as people were staring, smiling and pointing at me.

Sini growling in her lovely corkscrew wig.

It looks like the attendance wasn't much to brag about if you go by this picture but apparently there were 10,000 participants. They had cut off the traffic and it was great fun to walk down the middle of the road as if I owned it. 

Susanna craving some brains. Note the eyeball on her shoulder.

It was fun to see that there were lots of kids involved as well. I was worried about scaring the really small children though. I didn't seem to give anybody a fright though!

Two staff members being party poopers and removing their makeup right after the walk was finished.

At the end of it all we had police escorts (oooeeee, fancy) and the impatient traffic waiting to get through. 

There would be official after parties in The Gypsy Rose, Fibber Magees and The Grand Social so we picked  the latter.

Don't they all look so pretty? No wait, I mean, scary. Very, very scary. GRRRR!!

We sat in the upstairs smoking area/beer garden and the walls were telling lies. There was unfortunately nobody offering me hamburgers and hotdogs. The disappointment!

Perttu. I applaud his blood work. In the walk he was swinging some homemade intestines around. I think they were made of pantyhose, toilet paper and some kind of fruity jello mixture. 

More lies!

Aino and Satu checking out the impressive damage after feasting on some innocent bystanders.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Portrait of a Zombie

I've discovered that it's actually very rewarding to photograph blood covered zombies. Especially when people that have gone to such a great effort in making themselves looking deadly (pun intended, in Irish slang "deadly" means "cool").

The special occasion for dressing up was the Dublin Zombie Walk. It has been done annually for the last few years and is done for charity. 

Here are a few portraits which I took:

Which zombie is your favourite zombie? Kris, Perttu, Aino or Satu?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beware of the Hungry Zombies

As soon as I've finished editing the pictures I'll show you what I did last Saturday. Don't worry, it was less violent than what it appears it was!