Monday, August 20, 2012

Oh Noes - The Jar Won't Open!

The last two weeks I've been snacking on a lot, let me tell you, a lot of olives at work. Spicy olives, herb infused olives, garlic olives, pimento stuffed olives, black olives, green olives, you name it. There has been some general musing over my sudden obsession with olives, which is understandable. 

My colleagues are going to giggle, nay, laugh themselves silly when I come in to work tomorrow though. I'll be clutching this monstrous jar of olives under my arm and I'll be forced to go around asking all the strong men to try and open it for me. I tried opening it myself but the lid would not budge and I felt as if I was going to break my arm in the process.

I'm not sure you can tell exactly how big it is. It looks like a giant jar of heaven to me though!

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  1. Funny enough, looking at your jar, the scales and utensils pot, it reminded me of Mr straws house i was looking at today and planing a visit.

    The parents died there and the two sons carried on living there, but, they did not alter a thing, throw anyhting away and the place is literally as it was in 1930's when the parents departed this realm.

    Your olde worldy style jar and scales reminded me of their food cuboard: