Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You've Got a bit of Blood there...

I had never heard of The Dublin Zombie Walk until my friend invited me to go with her. While at first I wasn't sure whether it would be my thing, I still decided to go. I purchased a set of tiny overpriced face paint tablets and after a little bit of research work on Youtube I started the transformation. 

The gathering point for the walk was in St. Stephen's Green where it would start and then continue down to Temple Bar. The plan was for me to meet my friend at the gathering point, which meant I would have to do the 15 minute walk down to the park in full zombie makeup on my own. I was a bit worried about feeling silly and about getting a lot of attention. 

Not to worry. I had laid down a layer of foundation and white paint and started brushing on black eye-shadow around my eyes to create a hollow look. I could feel myself getting increasingly excited as I was turning into a zombie. By the time I was dabbing on red paint to do the final bloody touch (hoping dearly I wouldn't mess it up as I would have to re-do the whole thing) I was practically jumping up and down in excitement. I found myself smiling as I walked down to the park as people were staring, smiling and pointing at me.

Sini growling in her lovely corkscrew wig.

It looks like the attendance wasn't much to brag about if you go by this picture but apparently there were 10,000 participants. They had cut off the traffic and it was great fun to walk down the middle of the road as if I owned it. 

Susanna craving some brains. Note the eyeball on her shoulder.

It was fun to see that there were lots of kids involved as well. I was worried about scaring the really small children though. I didn't seem to give anybody a fright though!

Two staff members being party poopers and removing their makeup right after the walk was finished.

At the end of it all we had police escorts (oooeeee, fancy) and the impatient traffic waiting to get through. 

There would be official after parties in The Gypsy Rose, Fibber Magees and The Grand Social so we picked  the latter.

Don't they all look so pretty? No wait, I mean, scary. Very, very scary. GRRRR!!

We sat in the upstairs smoking area/beer garden and the walls were telling lies. There was unfortunately nobody offering me hamburgers and hotdogs. The disappointment!

Perttu. I applaud his blood work. In the walk he was swinging some homemade intestines around. I think they were made of pantyhose, toilet paper and some kind of fruity jello mixture. 

More lies!

Aino and Satu checking out the impressive damage after feasting on some innocent bystanders.

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