Sunday, September 16, 2012

From 18 to 26

I was never good at sports. Well... I'm able to hit a ball (baseball), I have outrun other people - the completely hopeless -  (short sprints) and I would sometimes have a bit of a height benefit going on (basketball). I got by but wasn't really that great. I never took part in any physical activities when growing up so I never got that urge to want to sweat, move and to push myself in sports. 

Last year I started dabbling in jogging. Jogging slowly as I wasn't able to go very fast and certainly not very far. As the weeks and months passed by I could see that I was able to go for longer jogs. I got all kinds of excited when I managed to jog for 18 minutes straight. 

While I did enjoy going out for jogs I found it a bit hard to actually get myself motivated enough to put on the clothes, shoes and to hit the streets. I would go for small jogs about once or twice a week but eventually I stopped all together.

The other week I went for my first jog in a year. I was curious as to how I would do in terms of my old record of 18 minutes. Imagine my surprise when I was able to go for 26 minutes! I was also going faster than what I used to go. I have since been jogging an additional three or four times and think I will keep it up, at least for a while. It's fun!

The only thing holding me back at the moment is the fact that I unfortunately managed to drench my iPod in fruit juice. My headphones also stopped working as the plastic wore away and the leads tore off, despite my best efforts to tape it. I had a leaky dry shampoo bottle in my bag a few weeks ago and my iPod got drenched in the liquid. I got a fright but it dried and I was able to keep using it. I'm not sure it will survive this adventure though as I think it short circuited. *Sigh*. I'm waiting for it to dry out but this might take a few days/weeks. I'm hoping it will still turn on but I'm not sure it will. 

Jogging temporarily on pause. Sure, it's fun, but not without music!

Also: Yes, I do exercise with whatever makeup I happen to be wearing.

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  1. Another lovely pic of you. How do you drench an ipod (i assume the modern equivalent of a walkman) in orange juice?