Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Will be Missed

I think autumn has probably officially arrived to Ireland. Nippy weather and frequent showers of rain. I have also noticed the need to wear a jacket in the morning. NOOOOOO!!!! To deal with the horrible news I think it's necessary to have a pint. Is it the weekend yet? 

R.I.P. Irish (actually not too shabby) Summer. We will meet again next year. Hopefully we'll both be scantily clad and we'll run towards each other in slow motion on a deserted and romantic beach.


  1. Come over to England, we're sweating cobs here. Phew it's hot.

  2. Oh, was Dublin really nice in the summer? Galway was quite horrible. Again. I think it was in the news the other day that it was the coldest and wettest summer in quite a few places in Ireland in 50-years.

    But! On a more positive note, have you noticed how Guinness tastes so much better in the rain? Always a good excuse to go find shelter in the nearest building(which most likely will be a pub) and have one :D or two if it's a storm.

    1. It was, it was! Parts of it was anyways. We had about 2 weeks with "walk around scantily clad, go to the beach, sweat and eat ice cream" weather :). Sorry to hear about your crappy summer :(. Maybe you chose the wrong place in Ireland to settle into :P. I was only in Galway once but it seemed cute though.

      Hmmm, never noticed. A bit like how swimming is warmer in the rain? :D

      Hang on a minute. Swimming and drinking a Guinness in the rain? Oh wait. Perhaps not :P.