Wednesday, October 24, 2012

9 Places to Go, 1 Attended

I'm probably going to make a vast generalisation by claiming my observation of Finnish behaviour as truth, but judging by the amount of my Finnish friends that keep up this behaviour I'm probably somewhat close to some kind of truth. 

So. Let me teach you something about Finnish people: When we go out we're late! Made plans to meet up at 7 and drink at somebody's place? You won't. It'll be 8.45. Arranged to meet at the Spire at 9? Make it 9.15. Made plans to go drinking in somebody's place at 9 and leave to meet up with everybody else at 10.30? Nope, you'll be late for both!

I was invited to lovely Sini's birthday celebrations for Saturday. The idea was to follow the set dress code (attire in black and white) and to have a nibble of some lovely food before heading out. On a pubcrawl! There were nine places in the list and while I was amazed at the night she had planned, I was a little bit worried. While I've never been on a real pub crawl I can imagine how they would end up...Messy!

I wasn't sure of whether I would join everybody for the yummy, nibbly food or to join only at a later stage. The decision was made on my behalf as the nibbling was supposed to take place at 1 (it was then rescheduled for 2 as Sini was running late, of course not at all related to my observation above) and I was still in bed. Going out and getting up early the next day is not a good combination. Don't get me wrong though, I wake up incredibly early after going out drinking. I will lay in bed and my eyes will open like a curtain being drawn by force and I'll look at the time and see it's 7 in the morning. One does not simply get up and become productive though.

Instead of getting out of bed at a normal time I did absolutely nothing all day and (much) later went to Pilvi's place and plaid a very silly trivia drinking game. The questions are basically always too difficult to answer (or we're a collection of dimwitted Finns/Swedes/Greeks) and the cards then urge you to drink "one finger of drink" for each incorrect answer. Pilvi's fiancé is Swedish/Greek and his brother Dennis had come over on a surprise visit from Greece.

After a few rounds of questions we all got wrong we tumbled out the door to meet up with the others. After some investigatory work we were able to find out where the rest of the gang was heading. Onward to Club M it was!

We were a little bit early as the place hadn't opened yet (it was just before 11). My first impression of the place was "meh". Cheap Halloween decorations and carpeting. I guess no place looks good when not too busy though. 

The place filled up and more people joined us.

Pilvi was drinking Margaritas. I have never tried one so I should have stolen a sip.

(What I think is) Daniel (it's a bit blurry), Dennis, Sini and Pilvi. I really like this picture for some reason. It's very happy and energetic.

Dennis tried on my clip on swallow earrings. Well, earring. He tried on one. I promise I used no force to get him to comply! Dennis looks a lot like his brother by the way. It was very adorable to see them together. I had never met Dennis but I have seen Daniel quite a lot since he's been dating Pilvi for a few years.

The girl of the hour!

Mo and Marja.

Dennis and I. I'm a bit off on my aiming apparently. 

Daniel doing his best ghost impersonation and becoming slightly see-through in the process.

Um, yeah. We had a lot of fun with the lights. Here Daniel and Dennis are making shadow puppets.

Pilvi and I.

A lovely night. Happy Birthday wishes to Sini again! I didn't get to see her for so long that night as she was busy shaking her ass on the dancefloor. She did carry me from one chair to a chair at the other table though. Amazing muscles, I gotta say!

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