Friday, October 5, 2012

A Hankering for Sushi

Who knew that rice, raw fish and vegetables wrapped in seaweed was so delicious? Well, I guess a few people knew but I certainly never did until recently! 

I experienced sushi for the first time when my friend Angelika brought me on a sushi date a few months ago. I wasn't very impressed and felt slightly uneasy but the next day I felt a craving for it and realised I was a little bit addicted.

I'm not particularly good at remembering the different names though. When describing my favourite sushi I might go: "Those round things with rice". I love dipping them in the wasabi/soya sauce!

My latest sushi date was last weekend with Angelika but I didn't bring a camera. I hadn't seen her in a while so I thought it would be more important to gossip. 

These pictures are from a while ago when a few of the girls from the office decided we would dine together and catch up with Angelika. She used to work with us but left for another job. We went to Yamamori, which is a quite lovely place. 


I met Claire, a colleague of Angelika's. She's half Irish, half German. I think you can see it in her features, I find it a quite lovely and unique look.

Chiara and Céline - two of my lovely coworkers - digging in on some cheese cake.

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  1. As long as it didn't come to this amount.

    All for raw fish.