Sunday, October 21, 2012

All Over Dublin for the Night

This Friday I was honoured with the superb company of my friend Anni. 

Anni and I used to work together but she decided that Ireland would no longer be blessed with her presence and fucked off to Finland for studies. While bereft of a shenanigans partner we were reunited on Friday. We decided we would start it off early and she came over to my place for around 8. When I went downstairs to let her in it hit me how it didn't feel like it had been a few months since the last time I saw her.

It was so great to see her again! I got to hear about what Finland was like and she got to hear about everything that has happened in Ireland while she's been gone. 

This is lovely Anni. Cute as a button she is but she doesn't like getting her picture taken. I told her I had to celebrate our reunion on my blog so we compromised and this is the results.

After a few glasses of wine I thought it would be great fun to experiment with her glasses. 

My friend Daniel had earlier asked me to come out to The Turk's Head to join him and his friends and at some stage we messaged him to let him know we would be coming over. Me getting ready and our animated gossiping dragged out and we left a lot later than what we had thought we would. We only arrived to The Turk's Head to find him in the smoking area and being ready to leave.

Anni hasn't been much of a drinker since she's been back in Finland so it wasn't long before she was ready to go home as well. I wasn't left on my own for too long as my friend Darren texted me and said he was coming out if I would be around. I replied eagerly for him to hurry out and for the rest of the night it was Team Sorella and Darren.

We staid where we were for a little while but decided to move on.We wound up in Sweeneys. This time unlike last weekend I was sitting upstairs and thankfully no part of me was cold. I realised that the walll in the back of the upper floor was familiar, as I had seen it in one of the pictures on Darren's Facebook. It's pretty hard not to remember a wall of naked women.

He had his camera with him so I got to try it. He has some model of Nikon but while I can't remember which exact model he has I can say that it's an upgrade in range to the one I have. He was telling me about different buttons that did different things and I would then try to take a picture and see the effect it was supposed to give. 

Darren thought we should move on again so we left but I noticed that I had left my cardigan behind in the last place. We went back and I was incredibly surprised but very relieved to ask for it behind the bar and be handed my lovely black cropped cardigan. Items lost in the nightlife of Dublin tend to stay lost in my experiences. We took a taxi to some part of Dublin and we tried to find a place he was saying was terrific but it wasn't open. I'm not completely sure what time it was but my feet were killing me and we decided it was time to call it a night. Enough adventure for one night.

This post is dedicated to Anni. I missed you and I will go back to missing you again.

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