Monday, October 29, 2012

Bank Holiday Blues

Not such a good day. Today was a bank holiday but instead of sleeping in late I had to go in to work. While in work I felt cold but sweaty and slightly dizzy all day. I'm sick and not feeling the best. The stress of Year End (did I say I was dealing with the stress of Quarter End before? Oh yeah, apparently it's Year End, much worse!) is taking it's toll on me as well and I staid a little bit over an hour doing some overtime to get some things done. Now that I'm home I'm finding myself in not such a great mood. I feel like a sick weakling and while I'm hungry I have absolutely no desire to prepare food (nor to prepare a lunch for tomorrow) nor to eat. I want to crawl in under my duvet and be taken care of.

I took some pictures of my desk just before I left work for the evening. There are lots of flags, cod liver oil tablets, an almost empty concentrated juice bottle, a collection of three empty jars of olives, nail polish, a mobile phone charger, lots of different kinds of tea, a trail mix packet and some markers and pens in a cup. 

Why I have four different kinds of tea on my desk when I haven't had any in at least two months is beyond me. I also have a cute little straw in my cup. I'll probably never use it but it came with something and as it wasn't used I didn't feel I could throw it away. The hoarder in me.

My monitor is raised to an appropriate level by the computer as well as two calenders. I have been able to not knock it over yet. My monitor and phone have a few Halloween decorations taped to them for festive purposes. In the back you can see two empty water bottles and what you can't see is a large selection of glasses and a few plates that I have used but not cleaned yet. Messy, me? No!

While it all seems to come across as very colourful to me it comes across as slightly messy. When I'm working my papers are spread all over my desk as well. I like the chaos though, it gives me calm.

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