Sunday, October 14, 2012

Come Out with Us and Don't go Home

Friday morning at work I spent the first few hours trying to wrestle my computer into functioning properly. After joint effort with my colleague trying to figure out what was wrong Juliano gave up and I reluctantly went back to work now feeling handicapped as one of my programs wasn't working. As some sort of reward for all the effort the program suddenly started working. Hooray! 

I saw an email sent out by Hege in the morning. It was an invite to go for sushi later in the evening. Sushi? Well. If you insist! She asked a few of the people in her team (we work in different offices) but it wound up being Hege, Mari, Sofia and I.

Mari seems to be the only one who was captured in a picture.

There are three Yamamori restaurants in Dublin and I believe the one we went to is the newest one. I also believe that unlike the others it's classified as a café and not a restaurant but I could be wrong. My impression of the place was that while it was slightly crowded the decore was lovely. There were a lot of vintage Japanese adverts and posters hanging everywhere and they made my heart beat just a little bit faster as I fell in love with them.

I wanted to bring them home with me!

As we walked out with no longer empty bellies I thought that I would head home. Hege also announced that due to living a bit further out than the rest of us she would catch a bus home. Instead we were all dragged down towards Temple Bar to meet up with some of Mari's friends. We wandered around for a little bit while Mari was on the phone trying to make sense of where to meet up with them. We wound up standing in front of a door. The door opened and we were all pulled inside. I found myself standing inside a vintage shop and shaking hands with two brothers and a very cheerful girl. 

The brothers were twins and ran the vintage shop we were all ushered into. The girl shared a flat with the two of them. We were all introduced and I was told their names but of course I no longer remember them. I think the girl was called Shiny but I'm sure I'm spelling it incorrectly. 

We had a few drinks and had a browse through the clothes hanging off of the rails. It feels quite intimate to go through the contents of a shop after it has already closed and you can see that it's dark outside. 

Sofia, Mari, Shiny and the in the lack of a name: twin with the dark hair.

I love this for some reason!

Sofia having a smoke.

I didn't feel like going out for some reason and told the others I would head home. This was met with a lot of reluctance and they talked me into joining them for at least one drink. We went across the road to a place called Sweeneys. Once there and after the initial drink I found myself no longer wanting to go home. 

Here I'm wearing twin with blonde hair's hat. We were standing outside drinking so my hands were absolutely freezing but my ears were comfortably warm underneath the striped woolly masterpiece. 

I had never been to Sweeneys before but liked it. The only negative worth mentioning is that the bathroom is on the upper floor and it takes a long time to squeeze up the stairs, through the second floor and up another flight of stairs.

I'm happy I didn't go home. It was a very good night. Sometimes you should go for that one drink.

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