Saturday, November 10, 2012

Everybody Acting like Silly Kids at Work for the Day

Everybody was urged and encouraged to come dressed up in Halloween attire for work. If you didn't comply and arrived to work on Wednesday not donning an outfit you would be fined two euros which would be collected and donated to charity. My manager sent a very unmotivating yet funny motivational email because he had been told to. It basically said "This is my motivational email, I was told to send this.". It gave me a good laugh.

I brought my camera with me to work on Wednesday. I do have to admit to something very embarrassing though. I work in a fairly small office in which there are a few departments. While I know everybody in my department I do also talk to other people from the other departments, however... I don't know the name of anybody in the other departments! There are about three people I know the name of. And it's not only I that have this problem, everybody else in my department shamefully always agree when I mention how embarrassing this is. So unlike usual I can only note the names of people who work in my department.

These girls had planned their outfits together and arrived as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I find the shells absolutely fantastic work. There was a competition for best and worst costume and they won best costume for their work. I would have to agree it was a well deserved win! Juliano is standing among them in his Mortitia Adams costume. He won worst costume. Don't feel too sorry for him though, he won a bottle of Baileys.

There was also a pumpkin carving competition. Some of the pumpkins were really lovely, I particularly liked this one.

Maruja didn't wear a costume when she arrived to work but she had some stuff with her in a bag. She wanted to wait and see whether other people would dress up and as she saw some of us had she felt brave enough to change into her witch costume. Her dress was lovely and I really liked her blinking pumpkin earrings.

I think this is Tom on the left (hahaha). I was in stitches over his badly drawn/painted on fake beard.

Juliano posing with the pumpkin I carved. It's the first pumpkin I have ever drawn so be gentle on me in your critique of my work. I somehow managed to make a really ugly pumpkin, I don't know whether that's a bad thing or exactly the point as it's Halloween.

Somebody made a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pumpkin. Class!

(What I believe is) Tom sexually harassing Juliano. If Juliano wants to take the case to court I have photographic proof of the incident.

A closeup of my pumpkin work. There's actually a big gaping hole on the right side of it. I had first planned to make ears (don't ask me for the logic behind it) but as it failed I turned it into a bigger hole in which I had meant to leave the knife and claim for it to be a stab wound. It didn't really look as good as I had thought it would so I had to abort the idea and instead sheepishly explain the hole was now just a random hole with no meaning behind it.

We all had lots of fun and I'm not sure of the others but I didn't get much work done. I was too busy posing for pictures, taking pictures, carving a pumpkin, looking at other pumpkins, eating candy and feeling like a giddy child.

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