Tuesday, November 6, 2012

For Sander: Halloween 2011

Dear Sander,

It feels like it was only the other day when I had you bugging (this is said with love, don't worry) me about posting the Halloween pictures you were so eager to see. In reality, a whole year has passed. I always felt bad that you were asking about the pictures and that I never found the time to go through all of them. I almost had a mini heart attack when I for a little while thought the Halloween party was two years ago and I had been letting you down for such a long time. My heart settled in my chest when I realised it's only one year that I have kept these pictures from your curious eyes.

It's a pity I never got to see you before you went back to Holland. I hope you're all settled in and that you don't miss us here in Ireland too much.

P.S. I'm sorry I'm the worst person in the world to reply to Facebook messages. I dedicate this post to you. Truce?



Rinna in a vampire inspired costume, looking lovely may I add.

Mika as a pirate.

Hanna, Anna-Karin, me and Tomi.

Martin. Credit given where credit is due for spending all night in a spandex cocoon.

Mariangela in the front and Sebastien in the background.

Sander!! I totally dig his shirt.

I was dressed up as Minnie Mouse.

Solenne in the best costume of the night as she was dressed as a Christmas tree, with Mizanur.

Patrik and Anna-Karin.

My ears were very popular!

Guillermo and Gloria. A smiling Carmelo is hiding in the background.

See, I told you my ears were popular!

Jerome, Lina and I would like to say Angel. If I got his name wrong: I do appologise terribly but I haven't seen him in a year! 

Bjorn and the neck of Carmelo.

I couldn't decide whether I preferred this picture of Mizanur wearing ears or the above so I posted both!

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