Sunday, November 18, 2012

Moustache Night at Workman's

I have to apologise in advance for all the moustaches in this posting as they do appear in an abundance.

I had made plans to go out with Daniela on Saturday. She came to my place and we had the usual red wine and gossip combination before heading out. We met up with Noimi, a friend of Daniela's and then headed to The Workman's. I kept telling poor Noimi all night that she had a lovely, absolutely wonderful name which I managed to forget every five minutes. 

Me, Daniela and Noimi. So far so good. Then the moustache madness began!

The whole thing started when I was queuing at the bar and somebody in front of me indicated he was not queuing and let me go ahead of him. I couldn't help but notice the handlebar moustache he was sporting and asked him whether it was for Movember. I genuinely don't know how it happened but I wound up drawing a moustache on his finger. His friend happened to have a pen in his pocket. I thought it was a bit weird to have two (yes, not just one) pens in his pocket on a Saturday night in a club but he told me he was a writer so I guess it made more sense then.

This is Damien, or, Random Moustache Guy #1.

I showed him my moustache earrings but he thought I also needed one on my finger so he drew this, uh..."moustache". Look at the one I drew on his finger and then at my finger. Yeah, I don't think that's a moustache.

I wound up with Daniela and Noimi again and thought that was it on the moustache front. I was wrong.

I ran into the moustache guys again. This time I was prompted to draw a moustache on Eoin, a.k.a. Random Moustache Guy #2. He wanted a black moustache but the pen would not work. I had a solution which involved ripping the pen to pieces and blowing through the little plastic tube so that the ink goes down to the bottom of it. It worked but my hands got a bit messy. It was of course worth it, as it was done in the name of moustaches.

I asked him what kind of a moustache he wanted and he told me something that dipped down a bit. He then came up with the brilliant idea of having a goatee moustache on his finger. Voil√°.

We were joined by Pat. He said he was jealous of all the moustaches and also wanted one. I had Eoin whip out his pens again and let Pat chose a colour. He got a French, curly moustache. My moustache was starting to fade a little bit.

Not to worry! Damien came to the rescue and topped it up. In black this time. It still looked a bit suspicious though. I would like a moment to point out my earrings.

Moustache group photo!

Um, yes. So that was my very moustache filled Saturday. After writing this sentence the posting contains the word "moustache" twenty-three times.

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