Sunday, November 4, 2012

Raw Meat and Shots

While last Saturday was devoted to white face paint, I did find time to socialize without the warpaint. 

I convinced Daniel we had to go out but while he already had plans to go out with Jeff he told me to come along. He said they had made plans to go and enjoy wonderful food. I didn't think it sounded like a bad idea.

First stop of the evening was however my place. Daniel brought some very cheap vodka. I declined a taste and stuck to my trusted red wine.

We were to meet up with Jeff and also Karl - who at the last minute accepted an invite to join us - around 7.30.

We went to an Asian restaurant I can't remember the name of. 

While I stumbled into the door with Daniel I think I recognized somebody already present and eating. Out of all the people in Dublin to sit in the same restaurant I walk into, I (think) I see a guy I have sent a message to on a dating site a few months ago. Sometimes my memory actually works but I do tend to have a thing for faces. He never responded to me and while I was slightly drunk and perhaps also a bit loud, I'm sure if he didn't respond due to the age difference, I did not do myself any favours in coming across as mature and sophisticated. My table companions kept talking about politics and as I have no interest or knowledge of this topic I kept schussing them inbetween shoveling food into my mouth and generally making a mess. I found the whole scenario quite hilarious though.

Also, in fairness I was not the only one making a mess. I think we all left with our fronts covered in oily stains.

They brought out plates of rolled up raw meat.

You then expertly use your chopsticks to place the meat into the big metal cooker. It had a little fire at the bottom and there were two sections in the bowl part of the cooker. One section had normal broth and the other had spicy broth. You choose which flavour you want on your meat and then chopstick your meat into the selected section of the cooker. Once it has cooked in the boiling broth you remove it. I think it was the removing of the meat that managed to get us covered in stains.

We looked a little bit less messy than this but probably not far from it. The food was heavenly by the way.

There had been a suggestion of us possibly catching a movie after the food but we wound up in The Church.

The Church is a church which has been transformed into a bar. I love the concept and it's a lovely place with a great atmosphere. I remember going in there once and the noise levels being quite deafening though. The way it's built with the huge ceiling would have that affect on the acoustics.


  1. Is daniel on for being your new man? the woman with the snake is pretty hot!

    1. You know, women and men can be friends :P. You also thought Janne was my new man. If I had a boyfriend you would know.

    2. I know they can be friends. But, the best relationships come from the best friends! You seem down in your post of late I'm suspecting maybe a new relationship is what you need you to lift your spirits and become healthy. He looks a jolly fella.

      You know, it really is odd, i've had zero luck in my own life but I've always been a terrible match maker. Couple i got together at the childrens theme park I work at are still together with small humans of their own, 17 years later!

    3. It's human to need romantical attention but it's not healthy to get into a relationship just to feel better. I'll get a boyfriend when I meet somebody who catches and holds my attention.

      It's never too late to meet somebody. The world is filled with lonely people.

    4. When i say terrible match maker, I mean, i was always trying to get people together, not that I was terrible at it. Dear me, I'm still illiterate.

  2. No, Sorella, I've finnish looking. But I'm now content with that. It's like the buddist say, empty yourself of want and you'll feel a lot more peaceful inside.

    Some people like my greatgrand parents, met in their teens, died in the same week and buried on the same day in their 80's, some are just never destined to met somebody for some reason, most are some where in between.

    I hope you meet someone soon.