Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Day to be Celebrated

Happy birthday Finland! Happy 95th!

Today is Finland's independence day. Ironically as I'm posting this entry very late it's actually no longer December 6th in Finland as there is a two hour time difference making it a bit past one A.M. in my home country.

I don't think I have any patriotic images of the Finnish flag I can post so I will post a few pictures from the last time I visited. You know you haven't gone back home in a while when you went, not with your ex, but with your exex. 

Me and Karl went to Finland in February 2011.

It was absolutely freezing. I was wearing two pairs of pants, two coats, a scarf wrapped around my face and a hat and I was still cold. It was -28 Celsius. I had to put my hands to my face and breathe steam into my hands to keep my face somewhat warm. 

Having had said this, I do miss the snow.

Suomi, perkele!


  1. That house in the snowy woods looks fairy tale.

  2. Cold was not the word for it the hairs in my nostrils froze as i breath through it lol :P